New Light Theatre Project 

Director: Jay Stull
Set: Brian Dudkiewicz
Costumes: Samantha Lind
Lighting: Michael O'Connor
Sound: Andy Cohen


*photography by Hunter Canning




Brian Dudkiewicz set is the perfection of a complete slobs apartment, terrifying and honest.” - Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles

”Brian Dudkiewicz’s effective set design wordlessly reveals the depths of Darryl’s despair, leaving the audience to feel both loathing and compassion for the turns his life has taken. “ - Eleanor J. Bader, Theatre is Easy

”The single set designed by Brian Dudkiewicz is a scarily realistically looking apartment with junk crammed everywhere, faded wallpaper and greased lazy-boy. The interior portrays Darryl’s emotional state very well.” - Asya Danilova, OnStage New York

”The “strange country” of Anne Adams’ new play is not about an unusual landscape or a new travel destination. While the single apartment that the play takes place in is, at first glance, unremarkable, it ends up transforming into a moral proving ground, one that challenges both its characters and its audience.” - Gabe Cohn, Exeunt Magazine

”When the audience arrives they are greeted by the atmospheric sight of scenic designer Brian Dudkiewicz’s finely realized rundown living room and kitchenette set that’s strewn with beer cans and pizza boxes.” Darryl Reilly,

”The room (ugly / beautiful set design by Brian Dudkiewicz) is American lower class, circa Texas.” - What’s On Off Broadway